Seville Day 13 - Europe 2023

Seville Day 13 - Europe 2023

June 6

Despite the late night, The Buds and I headed out for our morning wander. Esther had piqued our interest about the Triana neighborhood and its daily market, so we made our way there.

We weren’t in the market for fresh, whole fish, but we know where to go when we are. And ham and fresh beef, but luckily for me, also lots of fruit.

Then we chose a cafe with outdoor seating and absorbed the feel of the neighborhood.

Also absorbed a pastry.

Buds has become a student of Urban Design and pointed out this “linear park.” It’s miles of beautiful space next to the Guadalquivir River where people walk, run, bike, skateboard, and celebrate. We walked several miles on it one night, and it was alive with people enjoying the beautiful space and the beautiful weather.

We took in the Torre Del Oro Maritime Museum, a free Naval museum in a Moorish defensive tower from a bygone era.

Moorish influences
We climbed as high as we could.
Lots of interesting paraphernalia and models inside.

We journeyed back to the apartment and siestaed.

Our children are very heat-averse, so we had contracted with Moxie that she only emerge after the heat of the day had passed. The plan for the early evening was the cathedral, and Acai treats.

In Rochester we always feel like we are 12 minutes away from anything. We were so well positioned in the center of Seville, that we were a 10-minute walk away from anywhere we might want to get to. On Esther’s tour, we had heard of the gigantitude of the Seville cathedral. It’s one of the biggest you can see. But you should also see that there are many ways to measure big when it comes to cathedrals. Do you want to measure them by volume, by opulence, by square meters?

We were kind of attuned to this, because we had visited the Bologna cathedral. That one is big, like an Ikea is big. It was opulent, like an Ikea’s opulent. That one was finished, like the furniture you buy from Ikea is finished. (i.e. not finished.)

There were no such worries in Seville. The cathedral was massive, towering, and gilded to the core.

Moire Catholic than anybody
Rose windows in red and blue
An outer view

We also wound our way up the bell tower. It was quite an adventure for Bob. I think that this deserves a separate post. It did provide us with some lovely views of the town.

This tower uses ramps rather than stairs to get you to the top. They narrow as you go, and the very last part is a set of stairs, but overall a much easier climb, plus it reminded us of the hills of Lisbon.

The bullfighting ring

Finally back at ground level, we headed for the promised treats.

Back on the ground at the cathedral.
Massive acai superbowl
A swing by the Setas. Hey there, Bob. Hey there wind.
And then home for leftovers

The tendency to overbuy as Americans at a grocery store remains, but it’s weakening. After we had chomped down our leftovers, we had nearly cleared the fridge for a final day.

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