Oh Canada...Air - Europe 2023

Oh Canada...Air - Europe 2023

June 9 – 8:53 a.m.

When Gem-Fest was held in Italy last year, half the family flew on Canada Air and lost a full day of their vacation to delayed and cancelled flights.

We knew we were taking a chance with AC. This morning once we got from Seville to Lisbon, the delays started cascading in. Turns out the flight from Toronto to here had been delayed like a first-time pregnancy. It had an expected departure of 10:55 p.m. but hadn’t left until 4:11 in the freaking morning. Given that’s our ride home we are obviously delayed as well. But it’s not nearly as bad as whatever happened to those poor schlubs on the Toronto side.

Looking forward to seeing you… later

There’s a big difference between traveling East and West. East, which our poor arrivals from Toronto had to deal with, is where you face a yawning chasm of sleeplessness. Traveling west, an endless day awaits you. So we’ve had an endless day to work on these posts together. And you, gentle reader spinning East, you face a yawning chasm of sleeplessness if you try to read them all at once.

Perky walking