Popularity Has Its Drawbacks

Popularity Has Its Drawbacks

Jennifer was the single most popular name for newborn girls in the United States every year from 1970 to 1984 (until 1985 in Delaware, Illinois, and Massachusetts), inclusive.

Though it never rose to #1, Christopher was the second or third most popular name from 1972 until 1995.

There was a point in our early marriage when I knew 5 sets of Jennifer-Christopher couples.

Of the three of those J/C couplets that I know the outcome for, 1 of the Jennifers cheated; end of relationship. One of the Christophers cheated; end of relationship.

That third J/C couple?

We’ll be celebrating the anniversary of our meeting 29 years ago on February 4th.

Sometimes things work out.

How it started.

How it’s going. ❤️