Niblack's Spice House

Niblack's Spice House

Buds and I went exploring last weekend at Niblack’s. There are several spice shops in town and people seem to love them all. This was our first one to visit.

The inside was simple, almost Amish feeling, with tons of products. We wandered in there for an hour. The factory where they create the items is across the parking lot, so the store didn’t smell extra delicious, but it was still delightful.

I just cooked up a mix we got from there.

It’s so good, I can only imagine how amazing it would be if cooked up by someone who added anything to it. I literally poured in veggie broth. That’s it. They say to, “add herbs and spices as desired,” which is like reading Martian to me. 😁😁

After Niblack’s we went to Aldi’s and here you can see Buddie packing the groceries by himself because he loves getting boxes to pack the groceries in and I hate that, so I refused to help.

Real mature, I know. 😉

You can also see the new toilet on the right side of the back of the van. Saturday was a big day.

Many more Niblack visits in our future. Hopefully no more new toilets for awhile.