The Gifts of Community College

The Gifts of Community College

There are many reasons I’m loving the community college experience our crew is having, but an unexpected bonus is the extra one-on-one time Buds and I are both getting.

We’ve developed a tag team approach, plus the kids choose which of us they ask questions of. (There was one fraught moment when Buster didn’t believe his English-degreed mother and said, “I’m going to ask Dad.” about a grammar question. Buds wisely said I was correct.) Buds gets the math questions and we both enjoy the sociology and ethics issues that have been coming up.

Buds, Yessa, and I are sitting in the kitchen while I bake and Yessa talks her way through the ASL lesson for tomorrow.

Buster’s incredibly comfy chair in his room is a great place to snuggle in to be readily available when he wants to talk through an idea.

Monkey’s computer being set up in the living room means Buds in his office and me on the couch can be near by when she’s ready to gripe and/or write.

Hearing their thoughts and the way they lay out their moral perspectives is a joy. I’m so grateful for these moments.