Whittier Farms

Whittier Farms

Buster had some dental work done last week, and his dentist asked if we’d found a good place for apple picking here yet. She told us of her favorite place to go, “low key, not generally very busy, lots of delicious varieties.” Exactly our kind of place.

Saturday afternoon was beautifully sunny and crispy cool. The perfect day for wandering through an apple orchard.

Whittier farms has a vast number of apples and on this weekend we had six ripe varieties to choose from.

A short wagon ride out to the section of the orchard with the ripe apples.

Buster and Buds headed into the part of the orchard with the premium apples (Honeycrisp and SnapDragon), while the ladies headed into the section with the regular apples.

Picking partners.

The trees were loaded with fruit, and they were generally short which meant everyone could pick as they chose.

Buds was determined to eat an apple as we were out picking and the children were equally determined that this was morally reprehensible. This led to “Bad Dad. Naughty!” admonishments that had us all laughing.

A kind stranger took family photos for us and then we wandered our way back to the barn, enjoying the sights and smells of the fall afternoon.

Cider doughnuts, sweet cider, and many pounds of apples later, we headed out.

It was a delightful outing, then we decided to add Barnes & Noble to round things out, and the day was pretty perfect.