The Chan Clan Visits - December 2005

The Chan Clan Visits - December 2005

Oh my gosh, these darling, impish faces. Yessa wasn’t created yet, but all the rest have grown from much-loved children to much-loved adults.

Dress up was often part of the plan.

In the above picture, Hero’s wearing the flower girl dress Monkey wore for Saffi’s wedding and Monkey’s wearing a gown Buddie’s mom made for her.

I love this shot for the memories. Monet is riding a horse I’m sure my dad decided the kids needed. She’s wearing a vest Buddie’s mom brought home from China, and behind her is a play set we hauled home from the neighbor’s where their kids had outgrown it.

Meal times were a laid-back adventure. 😍

We had an outing to the science center on this visit.

Swinging on the porch was always a great option.

And we made time for couples’ photos.

That dragonfly necklace or its twin still rests in the hollow of my neck.
I wonder what I’d said to Buds to earn this look. 🤣🤣