Grandpa's Last Christmas - 2005

Grandpa's Last Christmas - 2005

There’s always a last time and we don’t know it.

Dad’s last Christmas he and Mom stayed overnight with us on Christmas Eve. Even though they literally lived right in front of us, staying overnight ensured they would be there as soon as Monkey and Buster awakened in the wee early hours.

And awaken early they did.

There were so many presents for them to open and we took our leisurely time opening them. I enjoy seeing the pictures of the gifts because some of them became an adored part of our life for many years.

The manufacturer intended it to be a toothbrush holder with matching cup. For Monkey, Shortcake was a doll to be played with in every sort of scenario, all day long.
This was one of those picture cubes that a message can be recorded on.

I don’t remember what the cube said when we gave it to Mom and Dad, but shortly after Dad died, Monkey changed the message to say, “Grandma, do you miss Grandpa now that he’s dead?”


Dad was so excited to give Buster a tractor hat.
Will it fit?
This shot with Buster’s little hand on Dad’s knee while they talk about the hat. 💔🥺🥰
Buds and I were grateful to have other adults to help open all the boxes, put in batteries, and ooh and ahh as required.
So many hours of so many books we read together.
This was the year the parking garage joined the family toy collection.
I gave Buds a book on building a treehouse. These were still the days we thought we’d do things like build a treehouse. 😁

Later in the day we gathered at Mom and Dad’s to celebrate together with more of the family. We played “Apples to Apples” and Dad won.

The faces in the photos have changed; grown older or been replaced with new people, but the feeling of that day I cherish.

So many new toys to show people.
At the end of the day we carried our tired selves back up to the big yellow house and one final reading of “Who Shall Guide My Sleigh Tonight,” before bed. It would become one of our very favorite Christmas books.

It was a very good year.