Google Is Stalking Me

Google Is Stalking Me

A couple days ago I shared an article with Buds that Google had suggested for me from “Psychology Today.”

The Grey, Gritty Details of Long-Term Marriage
A Personal Perspective: Is “living happily ever after” really a thing?

It’s a screed about how after 25 years someone’s chewing gets annoying and how could anyone decide to stick around after that.

I thought it was sad and Buddie’s comment about it made me laugh:

“Josh (the author) sounds fun to be around.” 😆😆

Google did not like us poking fun at the article they carefully “hand-selected” for me and is now feeding me articles of an increasingly dire nature.

“Divorce among 50-70 year olds increasingly on the rise.”

“Should you stay with your spouse? How to decide when it’s time to leave.”

“The Downside of Being Too Close to Your Partner.”

This last one really made us guffaw because the premise was that people that are really close to their spouse have a much tougher time when they die. 🤦

I guess Buds can stay with me because he should find my chewing annoying and therefore won’t miss me so much when I die? 🤔

Since we’re still laughing at the same things after 10,448 days of knowing each other, I think we’ll stick it out a little longer.

Buds laughed when I sent this out as our Christmas card, so I guess we’re okay. 💖💖