Double Decades

Double Decades

She’s 20 and we’re so grateful she’s our kiddo.

Monkey has a great love of traditions so she graciously agreed to a two-part celebration to ensure we could continue the birthday traditions she chooses, while also celebrating her with grandparents and friends here in town.

The adventures began on Saturday night with a delicious dinner with family and friends. Buds will write more about his parents’ visit, but for the dinner Buddie’s mom kindly agreed to make an ice cream cake with Monkey’s chosen flavors (strawberry ice cream and caramel syrup) and friend “R” baked a blueberry pie to round out the decadence.

We sang a rousing round of the birthday song, and Monkey blew out the 2 votives we used since I couldn’t find the birthday candles.

Monday was when we brought out all the Monkey traditions.

Pizza from Costco, a store bought cake, and watching a beloved movie.

The kid’s love of a store bought cake goes way back.

We ended the evening by watching a favorite childhood movie, “Barbie And The Three Musketeers.”

She’s now at an age where the nostalgia and snark intermix nicely.

I headed to bed after this, but the two of them watched “The Princess and the Pauper” after this.

A relaxed, loving birthday. Just the way she likes it.

Happy birthday, Eldest. We love you. 💖💖