Europe Trip #2 - July 7, 2022 - Et Tu, Puffy Coats?!

Europe Trip #2 - July 7, 2022 - Et Tu, Puffy Coats?!

It was fitting that it was cold and rainy on the day the rest of the family left to fly home from Germany. Buster and I were trying to stay in good spirits and I was actually feeling better now that the wait was over and we knew we were staying longer than everyone else.

We had to be out of one apartment at 11 and couldn’t get into the next until 2:30, so we had time to fill.

Buster hoped for a bagel breakfast sandwich and the local Dunkin’ Donuts’ website told me they had them. (Don’t have a go at me about going to a Dunkin’ in Germany. I wasn’t thrilled about it, but the kid wanted a bagel and by buckets, I was going to get him a bagel.)

But, of course, they didn’t actually have bagels.

So we plodded our cold and weary way to “Coffee Fellows” where they had a turkey bagel sandwich, served on pumpernickel bread. 🥴 Buster managed to eat half of it.

After about an hour sitting under the big umbrella in the wind and rain, I couldn’t take the cold anymore and zipped to the department store close to us to find us outerwear.

I was thrilled to find inexpensive puffy jackets for both of us.

As we settled into our second hour of waiting, enjoying our hot chocolate and mochachino, served inexplicably in glasses with straws…

I told Buster, “Hey, Dude, your coat came with a stuff sack. Check the pockets!”

He was showing me the glory of his inner pockets and all the space he had for carrying things and I said, “That’s so cool! Do I have inner pockets?!”

Of course not.

I’ve purchased a “woman’s” coat so instead of useful pockets, I get useless platitudes.

Eat merde, designers.

It would be funny if it weren’t so infuriating.