Europe Trip #2 - The Bologna Apartment

Europe Trip #2 - The Bologna Apartment

You can read the reviews, review the pictures, scour the listing, and pray, pray, pray, but until you see the space you don’t know how it’s going to work for the family.

We’re pleased with how the Bologna apartment is going to work. (Monkey is sleeping in a common area, but in an apartment with air conditioning for hot days, even that seems so much better.)

The door of the apartment. It’s on the 3rd floor of the building.
The view coming in the door.
The patio, dining room, and kitchen to the right.
The living room, looking down toward the bedrooms.

There are three bedrooms and two baths. Buds and I will share the matrimonial bed (European phrasing 😁) with the attached bathroom.

This a gorgeous, mind-bending, purple tile bathroom.

Between the bedroom and the bathroom there is a small room with a crib. We won’t be using that room because:

A) We don’t have the babies anymore.

2) The sun beaming through the skylight would give you roasted baby. 😆

So hot in this room!

To decide who got the other two rooms, we devised an elaborate game of chance that we’ll use again on this trip.

None of the teens slept well in their shared bedroom last night, so all agreed they each wanted their own space, hence the bedroom roulette.

In a supreme act of sibling generosity, Monkey gave her pick to Buster, so Yessa and Buster each have a bedroom in this location.

Buster’s room:

Yessa’s space:

The blessed washing machine is in the hallway.

Finally, the common bathroom. This place has a shower with BOTH hot AND cold running water. It will be awhile before we take that for granted.

This is also a great location for restaurants, cafes, the bus, and so many delightful porticoes.

This will suit us well for our time here.