Europe Trip #1 – April 11, 2022 – Vienna Part 2- Day 2- New Location by The Prater

Europe Trip #1 – April 11,  2022 – Vienna Part 2- Day 2- New Location by The Prater

Editor’s note: Contains video. Watch at the website.

We moved to our new apartment near the Prater today.

As happens so frequently on our travels, Buddie suggestions a new location or a change in venue; I balk at the disruption or trying something I think will be tough on the children, and here we are…another favorite memory.

I thought we could just stay in the same part of town down on The Ring, but looking back now, knowing Buds doesn’t really like Vienna, it makes sense that he was interested in trying a new part of town.

He didn’t ever go to The Prater when he lived in Vienna, so it was a great chance for all of us to explore new places together.

We couldn’t check into the new apartment until the afternoon, so we packed up and headed out for some exploring until then.

Packed up and ready to go.

Little libraries around the world.

Ready for a tram or bus ride.

Buds found a fantastic Würstel stand for us to try for lunch. They had great sausage and vegan options and it made for a great place to eat.

They DO have vegan options!!

The vegan street corn was out of this world.

Then we hoped on the U-bahn or S-bahn to train up to our new apartment area.

Still with an hour to kill, Monkey and I enjoyed reading books on benches in the sunlight while the trio played in the park.

Buds did us all a solid by going ahead to decipher the cryptic instructions on how to get into this apartment. The rest of us meandered along, and by the time we got to the building he had cracked the code and gotten us inside.

Ready to relax.


A beautiful setting way up high.

One of the many gifts of traveling with Paula is how much she notices things that I don’t even process. She had pointed out how many buildings had additions put on the top to offer new housing, and this was once again very apparent in this apartment.

Where the new and the old connect. Stairs up to our apartment straight ahead.

We popped out for some groceries and gelato and found another set of stumble stones.

The nighttime view of our apartment was magical.

It was good to feel settled and cozy for a couple nights.