Europe Trip #1 – April 9, 2022 – Salzburg

Europe Trip #1 – April 9, 2022 – Salzburg

We started the day with an outing to Cafe Bazar, another spot Kel and Paula remembered. We found seats in the new “outer” area, and our server wasn’t sure we’d fit all the food and drinks we ordered onto the little cafe tables we had to use, but we assured her we’d make it work.

You could feel the elegance pulsing from the walls. I was really glad we made a pilgrimage here.

Paper newspapers are always available at Cafe Bazar.

The older section is steeped in class and history.

It was another blustery, rainy day. We had a moment of mirth watching the cruise ship try to fight the current.

I think this is the day K, P, K, and B had a meeting with one of Kelly’s previous professors. Buds and I had an outing to Mirabell and wandered through the Dwarf Garden.

Don’t touch the trolls.

It was our last night in Salzburg, so we had a delightful dinner out all together, then Buds and I did one more late night walk around.

She’s got her eye on us.