Europe Trip #1 - April 14, 2022 - CrossFit Hungary

Europe Trip #1 - April 14, 2022 - CrossFit Hungary

Visiting the world is sometimes an opportunity to visit CrossFits. About 5 days before we got to Jenny and Brendan’s we got a picture of Brendan proudly surveying his large collection of kettlebells. This necessitated a crash course of pushups and squats because, truth be told, my CrossFit game has been sleeping.

Brendan and I both started in the discipline a dozen years ago and have taken the opportunity to work out together whenever we see each other (every few years).

This time we’re in Hungary and he is working out at the home gym of Laura Horvath. She’s one of the top 5 in the world, young, immensely strong, modest, and driven.

The box was CrossFit Glasshouse, a lovely space that opened right before the pandemic and has been fighting hard for its members’ fitness and health ever sense.

Beautiful space
Laura’s corner

The workout was core work, then 25 cal row buy-in, 15-10-5 snatch/burpee over bar, then a 25 cal buy-out. A good time. 

Coach Izde(?) and me

Didn’t beat Brendan this time, but I’ll be ready for our next workout two years from now.