Europe Trip #1 - April 14, 2022 - A Hungry Hungary Morning

Europe Trip #1 - April 14, 2022 - A Hungry Hungary Morning

What a joy to be greeted by Jenny at the train station yesterday afternoon. It was easy to find each other both because we had Google locate turned on, and we were almost the only people wearing masks.

Jenny drove the kids home with a Budapest tour on the way. Jenny put Buds and me into a Bolt taxi (Bolt is the app for calling the taxi.) and gave the address for him to deliver us. Our driver didn’t seem to speak English so we had a quiet, beautiful drive home.

Buds and Brendan went to CrossFit this morning and Jenny and I walked out and down into the city for coffee and breakfast and walking therapy, catching up all the way.

I look concerned here, but I’m actually feeling carefree. 😆
Breakfast was gorgeous.

Buds walked down to join us after Brendan headed off to work.

Another round of coffees.

We meandered our way home, walking down by the Danube, enjoying the beautiful Parliament building across the water, and spying a couple of the tiny statues.

Parliament in the background.
Buddie hand for scale.

From the website:

Buds and I are headed out for some more exploring. Budapest has so much to offer, but most of all it feels safe and loving thanks to being with people we love.