Europe Trip #1 – April 12, 2022 – Vienna's Giant Ferris Wheel

Europe Trip #1 – April 12, 2022 –  Vienna's Giant Ferris Wheel

Buds found us a great apartment by Prater Park (Vienna’s version of Central Park in NYC), and there’s an amusement park in our section of it.

For a final adventure on our last night in Vienna, Buds and I wandered around and I gathered up my courage and we went up in the Giant Ferris Wheel. (I’m not a huge fan of heights, or grates, for that matter. I’m not a fan of highs and lows, I guess you could say.)

I’m so glad we did it, though.

I was the only person who stayed seated on the bench in the middle of the room for the whole ride while everyone else walked all willy-nilly right up to the windows and looked over the edge. And the children who were jumping in excitement…😖

There was a museum to walk through while we waited our turn. The art shows the rubble around the ferris wheel in 1945.
That’s our apartment, the silvery top floor of the building to the left of the tallest white building.
He got some beautiful shots.
You can have a romantic dinner in the cars, too.
About ten of us total in the car, though it could hold many more.
💖Safely back on the ground. 💖