Europe Trip #1 2022 - Google Translate

Europe Trip #1 2022 - Google Translate

Buds and I traveled plenty of years without smart phones, and it was joyful and exciting, but the reduction in stress to have maps and tickets and locations for everyone in my pocket, it’s a game changer.

For us, divide and enjoy is the standard.

I’m the keeper of the tickets and travel organizer. We plan out the trip together, but on the trip, I’m the one who has all the reservations and passports and tickets, on my phone or in my purse.

Buds is the navigator. He plans and guides our path, which allows me to hang back as caboose, supporting and checking in with all the ducklings.

It was fun having Kel and Paula along, especially after Monkey was off on her own. Kel’s German is fluent and with Kelly and Buds we had smooth moves.

Paula’s like me, scouting for pictures, keeping an eye on who is where, watching for cool things to point out.

It was good to be a team, even though we had plenty of times we weren’t all together.

This whole post started because I’m doing laundry in the new apartment and wanted to mention Google translate.

Buds is napping, Monkey and Buster are off adventuring. Kel and Paula are halfway back to the states, and I have no one to help me figure out the washing machine except Google translate.

What I see:

What Google shows me:

Normally guessing would be fine but we accidentally dyed a sheet blue at the last apartment so I’m being more cautious. 😆

Tech tools do help in so many ways.

And this post is a great example of why Buds is our naviguesser. I got to the point eventually, but the path isn’t always straight.