Europe Trip #1 - April 5, 2022 - Vienna Day 2

Europe Trip #1 - April 5, 2022 - Vienna Day 2

We awakened to a cold day, with fits and spurts of rain, but no snow, so that’s a change.

There’s been a lot of hair braiding.

Betty’s face…:-)

Yessa and the S-P crowd boarded the Big Bus/On-Off Bus tour so they could explore the city with running commentary and information, which sounds like it was wonderful.

Buds and I had afternoon plans with the Z’s, so we bounded out the door to find some trouble of our own.

It was a rainy day, but we walked and wandered all over and eventually found a delightful cafe Buds picked specially to fit my eating preferences. It was delicious and I loved it, but we did burst out laughing when we walked in because it was all white women between the ages of 23-36 until we walked in. Buds was the only male-appearing person for our first 45 minutes there.

I guess it makes me feel young and hip?

I sat perched in a window seat that I had to use stairs to get up on.

Pretty good view for Buds.

Stereotypical or not, the food was delicious. And yes, I’m posting pictures of the food because that’s what we hip young women do.

My view from my window seat was perfect.

Thought of you, Fi!

After lunch we headed to the Vienna History Museum.

On our way, Buds realized the crosswalk markers had extra information for visually impaired folks.

This street had 2 bike lanes, 3 lanes of traffic, and 2 more bike lanes for a person to walk across to get to the other side. These were all over Vienna.

The Vienna History Museum (Wien Museum MUSA)  was just the right size to absorb a lot of information, but not be overwhelmed.

There were two exhibits, and we found both of them well done, interesting to discuss, and gave us information we pulled from later in the week.

Vienna Falls In Line paints the picture of what happened in the Vienna art and marketing world before, during, and after the Nazis.

And in that wonderful way of serendipity, when we toured the art shows at the Belvedere the next day, art and artists we learned of because of their Nazi connections were also outed in the Belvedere descriptions.

We wandered all over town around St. Stephen’s before heading back to the apartment.

This post isn’t complete because I don’t remember what we did in the afternoon, but I’m sure it was interesting.