Europe Trip #1 - April 3, 2022 Munich Day 3

Europe Trip #1 - April 3, 2022 Munich Day 3

Buds and I were up and out for breakfast and coffee, glad to carry some back for Kel and Paula.

“M” for ” milk.” 😁

We left the elder two at home to prepare for an afternoon outing, the youngest three went with the Moms to see The Treasury at the Residenz (A Munich Palace), while Buds and I took the long tour of the Residenz.

We were meeting up with friends of Kelly’s for lunch, which was a perfect way to make sure we stayed focused on making our way through the tour, but still feeling like we had ample time to enjoy ourselves.

Pondering the naval battle.
Papa Harp, Mama Harp, and Baby Harp

I loved these simple sketches of a set of royal children.

The audio tour did a great job pointing out the meaning in the tapestries and paintings.

A prince must know how to rule during:

And peace.
Royal backgammon
It’s a huge fireplace.
With a big job.
Love these floors.

While enjoying the tour of the beauty and splendor, there were also frequent reminders of the decisions Germans had to make. There was a fire in the palace in 1729 and they rebuilt a wing after that, and then the bombing in World War II, and they had to decide what and how to rebuild from that. The audio tour and room displays spoke openly about the changes that were made.

“This room was ornately decorated before it was bombed.”

“After the fire this room was turned into…”

After the royal palace we zoomed over to join the crowd for lunch at a beautiful restaurant.

Easy, clean, inexpensive to ride, and safe. I love the trains in Europe. It was a beautiful walk through the park to the restaurant. Kelly’s friends picked out a beautiful restaurant with typical Austrian/German food.

Das Bamberg Haus
A typical Austrian-style dessert

Earnestly enjoying eats

Lunching with friends

Kel  and  Paula  stayed  to  enjoy  extra  time  with  Franz  and  Corinna  and  we  meandered  home  with  The  Trips

Then the Trips settled in for some quiet time and we scooped up the big kids to go see the The Design Museum for some and The Art Museum for me.

Future House outside the entrance.

The tickets were beautiful.


My crew looked at chairs while I wandered through art I didn’t understand until I found art I loved.

Ahhh,people’s faces.This I understand. What the other three saw:


We found Rosie here!!

I could have wandered a few more hours, but my people were ready to go.

Some of my favorite people, waiting for me.
Munich was a very easy city to navigate.
Monkey sometimes needs a different place to hold on on the train.
The Trips had found a “sushi train” sort of place, and we adults wanted to try it out, too.

Another day complete.