Goals, Dreams, and Plans

Goals, Dreams, and Plans

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When I was in Iowa with Mom in August for her shoulder re-re-placement, I had dinner with a long-time college friend. Cindy and I lived on the same floor my junior year. When we moved back to Iowa from Delaware, Cindy reached out about our local alumni association, and I had several years of getting to work with her on the planning committee for alumni events.

She’s one of those great friends that Buds also likes a ton because they have similar, brilliant brains that think about data and computer stuff in ways I don’t understand.

She’s a wonderful person that I find so comforting and peaceful to be around.

We talked for hours, but something she said has been rolling around in my mind ever since that dinner, and Cindy approved me paraphrasing the conversation here.

We were talking about work and goals and planning for the future. She said when she sat down and planned out her goals for herself, it brought such a sense of clarity and peace in other areas of her life. Irritations at work didn’t bother her as much anymore because she had a purpose. She knew what she was working toward.

That idea keeps rolling over and over in my mind.

My friend Shatona just published another book.

She also has such a clear sense of mission and purpose. Her goals are very different from Cindy’s, but that clarity and peace are similar. Shatona knows what she is working toward and it has given her such drive and vision.

She dreams big and works hard. She is one of those entrepreneurial friends who always has an idea she’s working on. Talking to her always makes me want to write and try new things. And she asks such great, insightful questions. She’s got a special talent for that.

Then there’s my Buddy Todd. Buds and I always come away from a visit with Todd with whirling minds and huge ideas. It’s a shot of adrenalin piggybacking on laughter.

Todd’s got his blog: Todd Chandler

And his youtube channel:

He’s also an ultrarunner, and I guarantee he has many other projects and goals I’m not even aware of.

Checking in on Todd is a surefire way to dream big.

Walking in Memphis.

Any of you who read this blog could have a section about you. I picked three folks who were top of mind, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of inspirational folks in my life to grab onto for hopes and ideas.

There’s no summary statement to be made because I’m still considering how these friends of mine and their goals filter into the life I am leading. I’m thankful to have friends who inspire me, and I’m not exactly sure what I’m inspired to do. My life has been, and will continue to be, tied up in the goals and lives of these people with whom I live. I can’t untangle all of that. That’s okay, and neither do I want to lose myself in other people’s goals only.

This trip to Europe will certainly provide motivation and vision. I’m intrigued to follow these thoughts and see where they lead.