My mom is famous for her habit of rearranging furniture with frequency.

Buds and I have inherited that tendency, but for us it’s rearranging rooms and their uses.

A new “smart” bike is joining the family on Monday and we’ve enjoyed the side-by-side workouts in the basement so we reorganized my office in the basement and created a workout section.

This was the space before, but we’d also brought the rower down.

I have loved having my own office space in the basement. And I really like the desk the previous owners left us, despite its heft.

The new placement doesn’t look elegant, but it suits me well.

Needs to be straightened up.

The blue mat fits exactly into the space we’ve designated for workouts.

And there will be room for two or three people to bike, row, and jog together.

The treadmill opens and closes easily which is good since I have to read the gas meter inside that front closet every month. 😁

Upstairs benefited even more with all the workout equipment moving to the basement except for the box jump which makes a great coffee table and will be moved outdoors easily for summer workouts.

It was a great way to start the weekend.