Little Sparks Of Joy

Little Sparks Of Joy

The world holds a lot of anguish. And a lot of joy. And sorrow. And laughter.

It is difficult to know how much joy and comfort I should be feeling when so many are suffering so much. It has felt that way for a very long time.

Balancing different, often opposite, emotions is part of being human for me.

This morning I’m holding close in my heart the people in the world who are hurting while also cherishing the joy and peace I’m grateful for in my heart and home.

I live in a home with people who bring me comfort and peace and laughter. I am truly glad to come home and find all these people here. I know that is not true for many people.

We have the resources to purchase furniture for this new home that is clean and comfortable. Last night I was settled in the new chaise lounge with a fluffy blanket over me, reading a book. Each of the children found their way to me at some point in the evening to snuggle and share stories and ideas from their day. My gratitude for those relationships will never end.

This corner is going to get a lot of use.

I’m baking cookies to share with the master electrician who is working today to make our home safer and more efficient. I’m grateful for the cookies and the electrician.

We have the insurance we need to be able to take one of the kids to the doctor today without worrying about the cost of it. That’s an amazing gift.

I’ve got books to read and food to eat and a place to bathe and people I love; a home that’s safe, a country that is at peace, and a family to care for.

I pray your life holds much to be thankful for, too.