New Training

New Training

The treadmill we got from Babs, that she got from her aunt and uncle (So at least 20 years old) finally got janky enough that it was beyond our limited DIY abilities.

Babs back in the day.

We passed it along to someone who wanted to fix it up and we purchased a used one from someone who had only had this one a year and traded to a Peloton treadmill so he could train next to his wife on her bike.

This treadmill shows up in the “buy it for life” subreddit, plus we got a deal, so all of Buddie’s preferences were met. Buster and Monkey also love treadmill time, which helps in our snowy winters.

Next up Yessa realized how much she missed biking so she and Buds hatched a plan for an indoor trainer where they could ride around the world using videos on the big screen. It took a few purchases and some frustrations to get everything set up, but we are truly rolling now.

Everyone has at least one piece of equipment they like and enjoy using, and this afternoon I’m squatting and core training while Buds and Yessa bike and treadmill.

It’s a pretty great way to enjoy a snowy afternoon.

Mocha’s always in on the action.