A Fitting Ending

A Fitting Ending

After the move we quickly realized the Honda Fit was going to be spending all of its time in the garage and it was time for us to be a three-bike, one-car family.

The young couple who bought it drove over from Syracuse on Saturday to test drive it, fall in love with it, and buy it. We ended up spending several hours with them because of financial figuring, and it was a treat to learn about their lives, wedding next year, grad. school for both of them and their plans and dreams.

It was such a good car and so fun to drive. Buds wanted a Fit for a very long time and it was telling to me that he was glad to sell it. The embrace of this new lifestyle goes deep.

This will be the first time in over 25 years that we don’t have a stick-shift to drive. 🤯🤯

Thanks for the peppy zip, little Honda Fit.