What A Strange, Snowy, Wonderful World

What A Strange, Snowy, Wonderful World

We had another snow storm on Thursday and Friday which afforded us several opportunities to interact with neighbors.

Buds helped a door dash driver get unstuck. He was driving in a car that definitely had no dash.

We tried to help Corbin get unstuck, but Corbin wasn’t super invested in trying to get unstuck so we didn’t try super hard either.

We helped Justin scoop out his car so he could leave for work and he was delightful. 10/10 would help scoop again.

We gave Paris and his girlfriend a push because girlfriend’s dog Goob bit Paris in the face and they needed to get to the hospital.

This morning on our first walk of the day we helped a young man get unstuck on his way to sell his products at a farmer’s market. He was so thankful for our help that he gave us four marijuana cookies out of gratitude.

What a beautiful, fascinating world.