Snow Birdies

Snow Birdies

Yesterday I walked about a mile to donate blood at one of our local Red Cross donation drives. The snow storm had begun, but I had a parka and good boots and was toasty warm the whole time.

This is such a beautiful town to walk around in and marvel at the gorgeous old houses.

Cindy, I thought of you when I spied this hive all bundled up for the winter.

I had plans to stop at our favorite coffee shop and get the cinnamon latte I enjoy from there, but I managed to get lost on the way home and came in from the opposite side of town from where I expected. Buds and I are both ever amazed at my ability to have no directional sense. I can get from point A to point B if I’ve done it before, but detours will be the death of me.

Anyway, thanks to the wandering in new parts of town, I came across this tree that held me rapt for several minutes. Listen to all these happy birds.

Buddie says there’s one introvert bird in there holding its head thinking, “Can’t you all please just quiet down?!?!”

Also thanks to my wandering, I came across a woman waiting for the bus out in the snowy cold day. She didn’t have gloves and I offered her mine since I was very close to home. She wouldn’t accept them, but was touched by the offer, promised me she would head downtown to buy some gloves, and then said, “Give me some love,” which sounds terrifying when I type it, but just meant that we two strangers hugged each other at the bus stop, which probably also sounds terrifying to many of you.

Things like this don’t seem to happen to Buds. 😆😆

It made my day better and hopefully her day, too.