6 O'Clock Square Dance

6 O'Clock Square Dance

At 6 p.m. each night a dance happens on our street. Drivers without garage or driveway parking spots must come out to move their vehicles to the other side of the street. When five or six cars do it at once it’s quite the do si do.

Other than seeing the ritual when we happen to be out walking Mocha, it hasn’t really impacted us, and I hadn’t thought about why it even had to happen. A few nights ago it became honkingly clear.

Someone parked on the wrong side of the street.

At 3:15 a.m. Buds and I awakened to deep honks outside our bedroom window. It was a fire truck trying to get down our street. It didn’t have its sirens on so we hoped it wasn’t headed to a dire emergency, but it wouldn’t have mattered. They honked and waited a few minutes, but when no one came running out they were forced to back down the street and find another route.

Monkey caught a photo of the spinning lights as they backed away.

Buster and Monkey were both still up and came over to discuss the drama with us. We spun tales of what could happen to the car that blocked the road.

Later in the morning I saw a bus suffer the exact fate as the fire engine since the car still hadn’t been moved.

There was a pink parking ticket waving on the window when we walked by, so hopefully if the person didn’t know the rules before this the $45 ticket will teach the lesson.