Oh Holy Night

Oh Holy Night

Snow is magical.

Inconvenient. Potentially dangerous. Messy.

Yes, it can be those too, but it is always magical.

After our long day with Buds and I both needing couch stops along the way…

Everyone bundled up for a late night walk.

Mocha was beside herself with glee to have the snow and ALL HER PEOPLE TOGETHER!! 😁

It was a beautiful, bitterly cold outing.

Buds did some sidewalk sweeping after our return.

We’re still learning city sidewalk ethics. When do we clean them off? How thoroughly do we need to clean them off? How long do we have to clean them off if we need to clean them off?

Then inside to stamp and shake off the snow and settle in to play Spelunky 2 and Super Smash Brothers together.

The children are so supportive and kind to me when we’re playing.

Buddie is glad to kill my character as quickly as possible, rightly recognizing me as the runt of the gamer litter, but the children are very loving. 🥰🥰

Snuggled in with the crew, warm after our blustery outing… I’m so very grateful. What a holy night.