I'll Be Spoiled For Christmas

I'll Be Spoiled For Christmas

As Monkey and I watched our movie, snuggled together on the couch with hot chocolate, surrounded by pillows and blankets, Mocha stared at me.

And stared…

She was drilling her words into my skull with her laser eyes.

“Mooovveee over.”

With a harrumph, I finally moved so she could snuggle on the couch with us.

Then her message changed to, “Was that so hard?”

Hours later, as Buds and I snuggled in bed, she sat next to the bed, I’m sure giving us laser eyes, but since it was dark we couldn’t see her.

Being clever, she changed her tactics to making impatient, harrumphing sounds of her own.

I ignored her, but Buds clambered out of bed.

“What’cha doing?” I asked.

“I think Mocha needs to go outside.”

Since she had helped herself to some cat food earlier in the night, that was logical, but nope.

She just wanted him to move so she could jump on the bed and steal his toasty warm spot.

She’s lulled us with her sweet demeanor and clever ways.

These two are a pair. 🥰🥰