We're Excited To Inform You...

We're Excited To Inform You...

In a few short hours the eldest child, Monkey on this blog, but often referred to as “Red” in our daily life, will no longer be a red-headed, long-haired Merida twin.

All the children were excited for this move, and Monkey most of all took it as a restart, refresh. Due to age and personality, the move to Nashville was toughest on her, and now due to age and personality, she’s decided this move is all about rebirth and her choices for her life.

She’s got many plans she’s working on, and the exciting one for today is a haircut and new hair color.

She’s lovingly agreed I may be with her for the process which may take 4-5 hours depending on how her hair takes to the color-changing process.

I’ll be posting updates throughout for our memories and to keep Buds and the kids informed. Feel free to check back if you’d like to watch how it works.

Such love for this adventurous spirit and dynamic heart.


I had to keep stepping back to get the length of it.