Trader Joe's By Bike

Trader Joe's By Bike

Inspired by my friend Kathy and the picture she sent of her eldest kiddo on their recent Trader Joe’s grocery trip, today Yessa and I bundled up and headed out.

Our inspiration

Doing anything the first time can be stressful, and we ended up biking on some busier streets than we’d prefer on the way there. But about 1/4 mile from Trader Joe’s, Yessa found a bike path for us that was a dream to ride on.

Thanks to that knowledge and a little GPS help, our ride home was a joyful delight.

It was about 11 miles round trip and our cheeks and toes and fingers got pretty cold, but the connection and the memories and the feelings of accomplishment are powerful. We will definitely do it again, and it will be even better the next time.

I strapped a milk crate on to carry the groceries home this time, and seeing Kathy’s bin on the back of their bike gives me more ideas on how to make this work long-term.

We’re going to need more bungies.

Sent this to Buds before we went into TJ’s
to let him know we made it there.