Geared Up

Geared Up

Buds found us a fantastic deal on a third electric bike. A wonderful woman here in town had bought a gorgeous bike, ridden it eight miles, then decided her two motorcycles were sufficient.

She had gotten the top of the line bike, along with all the accessories. Its seat is super comfortable, it’s got a basket in front and a carrier in the middle which includes a cell phone slot on top for easy GPS guidance.

The marketing image from online. Our bike is black with leather seats and handles, basket in front and carrier in the middle.

Best part of all, now three of us at a time can bike together.

Buds and I rode to our food co-op to get lunch this morning, then this afternoon we rode with Yessa to the top of Cobb Hill Park.

Our view from Cobb Hill.

Yessa tried out the new bike on our street while Buds went hot rodding along.

After her German tutor session, Monkey jumped on a bike and Buster and I walked Mocha around the neighborhood.

Off they go.

We’re still tentative with traffic, but the boost from the bikes makes it easy to take less traveled roads, even if it’s farther to travel.

They continue to be a joy; bikes and kids.