Fancy Photos

Fancy Photos

Taken by a talented photographer named Karen, our pictures came back more quickly than expected.

Here are the glamour shots to help someone fall in love with the house.

And the basement photos Yessa took before we moved down there.

Finally, bless the people with skills!

The welders came yesterday and fixed up our front railings. I had zero vision for how they would look and I love how it turned out.

The railings were rusty and the top that attached to the white pillar was missing.
Everything is now shiny and solid.
And the little seating arrangement the
stagers placed in front.

Kids and I worked on cleaning the garage and apartment and figuring out where we’ll stash things during showings.

After the dishwasher install tomorrow, we’ll be as ready as we can be. 😁

Here’s hoping. 🤞🤞