The stagers came and made the upstairs look like an episode of “Love It Or List It,” and I love it.

Love it as in, this is not my house and I would never live in a house that looks like this and I never expected to have a stretched animal carcass as part of my decor, yet, here we are.

Tough to not be distracted by the
giant pears on the counter.

They made the library into an office and they put some cute seats on the front porch. They kept our octopus picture in the kids’ bathroom which felt like a win. And they love succulents.

Photographer comes tomorrow.

Today we finish packing the second pod. It’s much tougher than the first because it’s all the oddly shaped furniture bits that we were still using or items that lived in the garage and now we have to find a way to get it all in.

It’s a bit of a hunger games situation for what makes it into the pod.

The apartment feels much more open now, although simultaneously less comfortable since we no longer have mattresses nor a table.

Overall still going well. Everyone’s colds continue to improve just as the weather here turns chilly.

More updates later.