True Horror

True Horror

If you need a horror story to tell someone who loves tech, here you go.

I dropped my phone on the sidewalk yesterday as Buds and I were walking up from the garage.

It didn’t seem to have had much impact, other than an extra line down the side.

That green line down the side isn’t great but I don’t mind.

But as the day progressed, the slow brain bleed began to show.

And then the spasms.

Buddie ordered a new phone…and case…at this point.

It won’t arrive until the end of the month so if you need me before then you’ll need to email, slack, or call me in the old-fashioned way with a phone number. (I’m not totally sure talking on the phone will work, but I think it will.) The email and slack I can get to from my computer so I won’t be quick, but it will get to me.

Until the new tech arrives, I’m looking forward to a little disconnect from my phone.

Those of you that I text and whatsapp with every day, don’t lose touch! I would miss you.

Can’t wait to see how long this new phone lasts. I really did think the last one was indestructible, but instead it died by micrometers.

Buds might even suggest I should have put it out of its (his) misery months ago.