Abbey Road...Vienna Style

Abbey Road...Vienna Style

Buds has us set up with a rotating photo screen in the kitchen.

This photo came up and it’s making me laugh.

Here’s the original:

The whole idea is, of course, inspired by The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album cover, but I was specifically inspired by Jenny’s photo:

They were actually on Abbey Road.

My crew was walking in some side alley in Vienna, Austria, but details, schmetails.

The reason this photo is cracking me up is because it so much sums up each personality.

I had some fantastic idea for a fun Christmas photo, and insisted everyone stand like this in the middle of this side street. The children didn’t know about the Abbey Road cover, and I thought we could just take the photo quickly. It was one of my attempts at living a Pinterest life with a “nailed it” capability.

Here’s the photo with my captions of what each person was thinking:

Fair warning, if you are ever with me and I get a sparkly look in my eyes, clap my hands, and jump and down saying, “Oooohhh, I’ve got a great idea,” you have about 5 seconds to decide if you want to be part of some grand idea like this picture or flee.

Choose wisely.