All The Ways To Love

All The Ways To Love

Another friend shared news of her impending divorce, while a different friend shared news of a new relationship years after her divorce. They both sound excited and happy and a little nervous. It was another reminder to me that just as gender and sexuality are on a vast spectrum, the ways to live and love our way through the world are so boundless.

I have this vast array of friends who have found their ways to happiness and fulfillment in so many ways, and it makes me so darn happy.

Friends divorcing after decades of marriage.

Friends who have spent decades of being “roommates” with their spouses who are finding their way to connection and comfort after the children have grown.

Friends who are finding new love that feels tender and right and wondering what it will lead to.

Friends who are seeing their exes remarried, and that’s fine as long as the children are treated well.

Friends who said, “Enough! This marriage isn’t working and I’m not faking it any longer.”

And friends who through death are having to decide what THEY want from their futures.

And these are friends who have been married to men, and to women, and then some discovered they wanted to be married to women instead of men, or men instead of women.

All the many ways to find love and connection.

I’m so grateful for what I have right now, and so grateful that so many people I love are also finding their way to healthy, loving relationships.

Spring and rebirth is coming in all the ways.