Yessa Had A Birthday

Yessa Had A Birthday

Only a month late with posting about it. I trust she understands.

All she really wanted was time with Kate and Bets, so that’s what we did.

With Babs here for support, Buster and Monkey and Babs had a week of connection and freedom while Buds, Yessa, Mocha, and I hopped into the van for an adventure.

Here we come.

The girls all had school and the adults all had work, so we slotted our lives together and enjoyed each other for days on end.

There were games and dog wrestling.

Play “The Mind”

Let’s learn Blackjack!

There were long talks and long walks and workouts and laughter.

On Yessa’s actual birthday, Bets gave her a specially curated Spotify playlist and Kate gave her an art creation based on a much-loved picture of the three of them.

We had gifted her an air fryer a few weeks earlier, and she had other gifts to open from grandparents.

I was tickled because Paula had acquired a Dragonfly glass for me.

Our visit finally drew to an end. We were all sorry to leave.

Mocha doesn’t want to leave.

Packed and settled, off we go until the next visit.