I had a very life-like dream last night.

I lived in a house like this one:

Except it was red brick.

A war was going to be starting, and for this war our house was going to be a field hospital.

In the previous war we had been right on the front lines, so the ground all around the house had been dug up with trenches. I kept telling everyone in the house to “go walk around outside because we just got the grounds repaired from the last war, and here comes the next one.”

Not sure about my priorities, but it was just a dream.

All of us who lived in the house were given new identities, and as we practiced learning our new names and backgrounds I thought, “Oh my. Buddie is so screwed.”

Buds has a really tough time with names and faces.

Overall it was quite a lovely dream, and you may now call me:

Jaquanae Mommonie

Jaquanae, as in “Jaques” Cousteau.



Rolls off the tongue when you say it a few times.

That’s “Jaquanae” to you.

May your dreams be lovely, too.