Kelly Joins The 50's Club!

Kelly Joins The 50's Club!

Editor’s note: Kel’s birthday is in October; this post is long overdue.

Paula had to have both wisdom and cunning to pull off a few surprises for Kelly’s birthday in the time of Covid. There was a potential in-person gathering, done as safely as possible, but as the time drew closer, Paula wisely realized that wasn’t going to be the best option.

Kelly’s parent’s came into town to stay with them for the birthday weekend, and one of Kel’s brothers and a niece surprised her by coming into town to celebrate her.

The rest of us joined in on a Zoom call, and it speaks volumes of my family’s love for Kel that everyone found a way to be on the call, either sitting in front of the camera or close by to hear the conversations.

To say that Kelly has had an impact on our family would be such a gross understatement. I cannot imagine not being on this journey of parent-raising together with her and Paula…I shudder to think.

Happiest of Birthdays, Dearest Kelly, my sister from another mister. May we have many more adventures and trips and games and laughter together. And all the hard stuff, too. Going through that together makes all the difference.

Kelly wanted to look tall. 😂