The Grass Is Greener...Over The Fence

The Grass Is Greener...Over The Fence

The chickens, those free-loading poultry that have not laid a single egg, have decided that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. This despite the neighbor’s yards being chemically treated with perfectly mown grass.

We had noticed some chicken poo on the driveway, but could not wrap our minds around how that could possibly have happened since the sweet little darlin’s were always snug in their coop at bedtime.

But much like teenagers who try to sneak back in when Mom gets up to go to the bathroom, when I drove into the driveway on the Monday night before the election, there they were. Caught wandering around outside the fence.

They did meekly obey when I ordered them back inside the fence. The kids and I were hoping for our own version of this video that made us laugh:

We hoped that would be the end of it, but when I went out into the yard a day or two later, the backyard was empty.

Luckily, Monkey, Buster, and I soon found them wandering in our neighbor’s backyard.

We’re still deciding our plan to keep them at home where they belong, so for now they are mostly grounded. No TV, no video games, and no leaving the coop unless someone is outside with them. Hopefully they’ll learn their lesson.

Acting like they own the place.