Eleven And Counting.

Eleven And Counting.

October 18 was the 11th anniversary of this blog.

Sixteen hundred sixty plus posts published.

Thousands of pictures.

Countless memories and reflections.

Except for relationships with the children and Buds, this is my most beloved legacy.

What I underestimated was how much this blog would become a part of our lives.

From the children (who are actually young adults, yet always my children), I will hear, “You should write a post about this, Mom.” or,

“Don’t you dare write a post about this, Mom!” or,

“Take a picture for the blog, Mom.”

In my own mind I’m constantly pondering how I’ll write about something or if I’ll forget some insight I wanted to note. It’s an ongoing process.

And I’ve been so touched and grateful for the people who have told me they enjoy reading it or it made them laugh (or cry.)

Here’s a video from the October I started this whole blogging adventure, with a few surprising faces thrown in.

What we looked like then.

Camping October 2009

Jenny had just had a knee surgery in this one, so we brought the joy to her.

All of us now, from our various locations. With some unnamed senior rock star? 😂

He’s on a boat.

All the memories with friends and family. All the trips and adventures. I may never write the great American novel or win the lottery, but this, I will have done this.