Yeah! He's Home!

Yeah! He's Home!

Thank you to all of you who have reached out with good wishes and prayers and hope for my brother. He came home from the hospital this afternoon.

My SIL sent the above pictures to let us know the great news.

Mom and I spent a little time with them this evening, and they were in good spirits. Being home will help a lot.

He still has a lot of pain when moving, but he’s thankful for the progress he has made. Still not walking, and daily rehab, but his scar from the metal rod into the femur is healing well.

He and Kathy are both great story tellers and they had us laughing with stories of the hospital stay, and we spent time reminiscing about our trip to Italy together.

I told him we’d gladly go with them again as soon as he’s ready.

It was really good to be together.