Love Letters

Love Letters

A quote from the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

My first Valentine’s Day card from Buds: Homemade, with edible flowers attached with maple syrup. (Sappy.)

I’ve been getting love letters lately. In fact, I’ve been getting and sending them for years.

I’ll bet you’ve been getting them, too.

I just realized this weekend that each time someone sends me something to read or shows me a video they found intriguing or plays a song for me or asks me to sit with them while we watch a video of a ship being built or a monster being battled…those are love letters.

Every time I send you something because it made me think of you or I thought it was funny or brought me joy, that’s my love letter to you.

The world is filled with love letters if we notice them.

In fact, here’s one right now.


A cloth diaper made for Monkey by my Aunt Mag.

One of my Valentines from my Dad.