We All Have Our Own Things To Triage

We All Have Our Own Things To Triage

One gift of the pandemic has been a new friend for me in our neighborhood. Our paths crossed due to people being out walking more, and now we often see her on Saturday mornings when we’re out doing Murph.

I hadn’t seen her for a couple weeks, so even though we were mid-workout today, and even though Buddie had a time goal for us, when she walked by this morning, I stopped mid-run to talk to her.

After the workout was over, I thanked Buds for not fussing at me about messing up our time. And then he said one of those insightful things he often does.

“We each have our own things to triage. I realized I drop things to work on a Juice problem when it comes up, and checking in with Ruth is more important to you than our final time in the workout.”

He’s so right, and I love that vision of triage.

Know what matters to you and care for it.

There was plenty of sweat still. This is from a different day, but I never miss a chance to show us sweaty.

And even with my break, we still beat the time goal. That accomplishment was all thanks to Buds, and Ruth and family are doing very well, thank you for asking. 😜😆