Cluckdate #12: Automation Continues

Cluckdate #12: Automation Continues

Hanging the waterer didn’t work and the water also kept running dry, so today I fabricated waterer 2.0.

It’s got two spigots, it can easily hold several gallons of water, large blocks of ice can be dropped in to keep their water cold, and it is firmly seated on a broken 45# weight that I’d been using as stepping stones in the garden, but they are perfect for keeping the water safe and sturdy.

I also worked up a new feeder since using the wild bird feeder didn’t work.

Drill hole out of bottom.
Use I-bolt to create tally-whacker.

Theoretically the squad bops the dongle, the food drops out.

Food can’t get wet, knocked over, and is not easily accessible to bugs and rodents. It’s only for dinosaurs.

I’ve become an expert at hanging straps made from random junk.

I’m not sure they’ve figured it out yet, but we’ll give it a few days.

Holy chickens.

And yes, I know there are plenty of chicken feeder and waterers available commerically.

Where’s the fun in that?