Cluckdate #11: Watermelon and Wandering

Cluckdate #11: Watermelon and Wandering

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Still three chickens, still can’t tell them apart.

We’ve started giving them time to free range each day, and Buds and I now refer to them as “The Squad” because they try to stick together in all things.

Great stick we have here.

What’s in this box?!

I’m attempting to make caring for them as easy as possible in the hopes that we’ll be traveling as a family again one day. Their waterer is now hung up so it can’t be knocked over.



They don’t seem to be able to figure out this hanging feeder, so some more “macgyvering” to follow for that.

They continue to bring us joy with their antics.

It’s a good day to be a chicken at Shoebox Farm.

Looking at that picture above makes me realize their coloring matches our family. We could call them Monkey, Busterina, and Yessa.