The daughter of a Northern Virginia friend was offering to create “cartoon” drawings from your chosen picture as a fundraiser for a non-profit. I originally bought it as a gift for Caitlin, but her birthday has come and gone, and since it is is digital, we can all share in the joy of it together.

The more I look at it, the more I love it. The children are especially well done.

Emily used one of these photos to work from:

This is what we got back:

Buster and Yessa’s smiles: Nailed it!

Monkey’s hair and the tilt of her head toward me: I love it.

I look very much like a character from Animal Crossing: my favorite video game.

I wondered about Buds looking totally bald, until I looked at the pictures and realized he looks totally bald.

And Caitlin looks like the happy person that she is.