Cluckdate #9: New Digs Imminent

Cluckdate #9: New Digs Imminent

Their “outer shell” has shipped.

Today I painted the inside of their coop a washable paint in a light color, and figured out how to put a perch inside the coop.

In process

I also painted their ramp a light color so it doesn’t get hot from the sun, even though it should generally be in the shade.

My friend Tina texted me this morning that they lost their four chickens last night, probably to a fox.

She said a neighbor told her, “Everything is after a chicken.”

Trying to keep Marie Pooppins 1, 2, and 3 safe becomes more and more important to me.

I love their sweet little chirps and the way they run to me when I reach into their pen.

Fingers crossed that my chicken parenting goes better than my cooking.